Professional Career and Education :

Certified Trainer and Knowledge Management, Graduated from Trisakti University, as Bachelor Degree in Economics Faculty, majoring Accounting and Master Degree in Economics majoring Capital Market.  Work experience in several industries: Eight years in Securities  Industry (Capital Market) as Trading and Brokerage Manager, two years in Online Game Developer as Business Development Manager, five years in IT multimedia consultant as Business Development Manager, one year in Consulting firm for Capital Market and Guarantee Industry, from 2014 to present as Head of Learning and Development Department and Knowledge Management.

1996 - Graduated from Trisakti University. Economics Faculty.

1997 - Studied Capital market in Finance Ministry Training and Education (LMKA).

1997 - Certified as Broker Dealer Representative from The Committee For Capital Market Professional Standard and Badan Pengawas Pasar Modal dan Lembaga Keuangan (BAPEPAM - LK, Now Otoritas Jasa Keuangan - OJK)

1997- Worked for Astra Securities in Equity Brokerage Dept. as Stock Market Broker Dealer. Managing accounts and portfolio in Astra Group including Universal Bank, Astra Credit Company, Astra Autoparts, and  holding company,  Astra International. Also responsible for transactions of Astra Securities branches and partners in  Jakarta and Surabaya.

1997 - Participated in Jakarta Stock Exchange Automated Trading System Training. Acquired license for Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) Floor Trader.

1998 - Participated in Surabaya Stock Exchange Fixed Income Dealer Training.

1999 - Worked for PT Widari Securities, Equity Brokerage Dept. as Stock Market Broker Dealer and also in charge as Floor Trader in Jakarta Securities Exchange.

2000 - Worked for PT Bahana Securities, as Equity Dept Manager. Utilized remote trading technology, years ahead before online trading became a standard transaction in Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX).

2002 - Participated in Association of Jakarta Stock Exchange Broker Dealer Training. Topic : Remote Trading Implementation - Opportunity (Marketing and Motivation) - Rhenald Kasali, PhD

2005 - Worked as Business Development Manager in iGames Asia pte ltd, a Singapore based Online Business Company.  The company was a strategic partner of ‘Universal group’ in South East Asia.  New knowledge, skills and experience in online gaming industry

2007 - Worked for PT Panggrahita Paksi Cataka, IT service and Creative Multimedia as Business Development Manager. Products and services: Audio Video Production , Website Development, Digital presentation, Programming and Consulting.

2009 - Participated in Audio Production Course (Recording, Mixing and Mastering) - MusikTek Jakarta

2011 - Renew Certified as Broker Dealer Representative from The Committee For Capital Market Professional Standard and Otoritas Jasa Keuangan - OJK

2011 - Commissioned Dealer's Representative in MNC Securities

2013 - Worked for Capital Market Consultant for setting up new department in Perum Jamkrindo. Organization Development project, such as Strategy Development (vision, mission and action plan), System (process management, Management Information System for Investment Division, formulating investment policies, SOPs etc) Organization Structure, People (talent acquisition, people development, etc) and Change Management.

2014 - Participated in Film Production Course, SAE Indonesia, Jakarta.

2014 - Worked for Perum Jamkrindo, (State Owned Company) as Professional  Hire, Section Head of Portfolio Management, handling Capital Market Investment (Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Money Market and Bonds) including its Investment Information System.

2015 - Assigned to new position as Head Section in Learning and Knowledge Management Unit. Not only in charge as Knowledge Manager, but also involved in Learning & Development projects.

2015 - Best Participant of Perum Jamkrindo Senior Officer Development Program Batch III

2015 - Participated in Knowledge Management (KM) Training and acquired certification KM, Dunamis Consulting Jakarta. Designed roadmap of Knowledge Management in Perum Jamkrindo.

2015 - Developed Knowledge Management Website and Training Information System  

2016 - Participated in Training Needs Analysis Training, Inti Pesan Jakarta

2016 - Accomplished four modules of Human Capital Management Certification  (HCMC) from Ppm Manajemen Jakarta. First Module :  Aligning Human Capital Management Strategy with Corporate Strategy, Second Module : Acquiring and Developing the right employees, Third Module : Retaining the Best Employee and Fourth Module : Increasing Employee Engagement.

2016 October - Head Department of Learning and Development. Three units or sections under supervision. Training & Education Unit, Learning & Knowledge Management Unit and Regulation & Policy Unit.

     Responsible for
     A.    Competency Development
            •    Personality Test and Assessment
            •    Training and Education Program Design
            •    Learning & Development Program
            •    Learning Modules (Curriculum and Syllabus)
            •    Training Evaluation
            •    Training Budget Management
     B.    Educational Program Policy 
            Standard Operation Procedure for Training and Education and Regulations
     C.    Knowledge Management
            a.    Sharing Knowledge, Off line activity (Regular knowledge sharing) and Online Activity (Internet based sharing)
            b.    Training Information System
            c.    Knowledge Management System and e-learning (online class, online quiz, forum discussion, etc)
     D.    Learning Center Development
2017 - Participated in Learning Management System Workshop, Inixindo Jakarta.

2017 - Participated in Training Design, PPm Manajemen Jakarta.

2017 - Participated in NLP Mastery, Sales Mastery and Trainerpreneur, Motivator Academy Jakarta.

2017 - Participated in 'The 4 Diciplines of Execution' workshop, Jakarta

2018 - Participated in Organizational Development Training, GML Consulting Jakarta.

2018 - Participated as a Jury in Perum Jamkrindo Innovasion Award

2019 - Participated in Digital Human Resources Practitioner (DHRP), Vannaya Consulting 

2018 - Risk Management Certified Level 1 from Banking Professional Certification (LSPP)

2018 - Participated in 'Professional Communication in the Workplace' Training

2018 - Author of Knowledge Management : Strategi Mengelola Pengetahuan agar Unggul di Era Disrupsi. Gramedia Pustaka 

2019 - Author of 'Cara Praktis Membangun Aplikasi e-Learning'

2019 May - Head of Credit Guarantee Business Dept. 

Outside work, i join several communities, such as Jazz Community, progressive community, videography community, HR Communitiy and Knowledge Management. I love music instruments. I Play saxophone, flute, piano and guitar. I love to read books and have a good relationship building with other people. I speak two foreign languages, English and Chinese Mandarin.